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Re[2]: SVO: Performance modifications bandwagon

Carl said:
>>I still suggest you do the whole exhaust when you do it ;-).<<
I really do not believe that the whole exhaust system on the '85.5/'86 SVO's 
need to modified/changed, this is, if you have a factory dual system.  I do, 
however, support the fact that an off-road 3" down pipe will significantly 
increase the boost response and performance.  If/when you need to run a 
catalytic converter I would suggest a 3-3.5" model, from my research into this 

I still pass emissions in the Chicago area without a cat in my 3" downpipe ;-). 
I am running the factory cat-back system on my '86 SVO, with no ill effects at 
my current HP level.  I did a back-to-back testing at the drag strip with and 
without the muffler/tailpipe system in place.  There was absolutly no 
performance difference without the mufflers in-line, except for a louder 
exhaust.  I would use the money that would be spent on new mufflers/tailpipes 
and buy a cam and gear.  Just my $.02.

Hello everyone, I am a newbie to this list, so let me introduce myself.  My name
is Ted Schaefer and I own a modified 1C(black) '86 SVO, which has run a best of 
13.76@100 in the 1/4 mile(~260HP), to date.  My major mods are MSD 6AL box, 
Superchips 255HP chip, motorsport roller cam, home porting of everything from 
the vane air meter to the turbo exhaust elbow, K&N, 3" off-road down pipe and a 
4.10 gear.  So far, so good.  Enough rambling, talk to ya later.

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