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Re: SVO: Performance modifications bandwagon

tschaefe@usr.com wrote:
> Carl said:
> >>I still suggest you do the whole exhaust when you do it ;-).<<
> I really do not believe that the whole exhaust system on the '85.5/'86 SVO's
> need to modified/changed, this is, if you have a factory dual system.  I do,
> however, support the fact that an off-road 3" down pipe will significantly
> increase the boost response and performance.  If/when you need to run a
> catalytic converter I would suggest a 3-3.5" model, from my research into this
> subject.

I could believe this.  I'm guilty of looking at my own car and forgetting
about the others.  I have an early 85 and of course, it really needed
everything.  Ford has done well with the recent GTs exhaust after the cat.
Tests I've seen showed big gains with h-pipe changes, but very little
gain with ditching the stock mufflers and tail pipes.  You guys with
85.5+s are lucky if the same holds true for you.