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SVO: Hmmmmmm

Hey guys,

Well, we finally broke down and bought a GT...probably something just 
to keep my hubby sane so I'd quit bugging him to drive the SVO (I have 
a Honda for a daily driver). Anyways, it's a pretty cool car, 
convertible, lotsa mods, a real pocket rocket so I'm a pretty happy 
camper although the SVO is still my fave. Now here's the question...we 
found a box that must be hooked somewhere on the motor (we haven't had 
it long enough to go through the whole thing yet) that is hanging down 
where the pedals are and it has the Red-Line logo on there and 
something about a Water Wetter and it has 2 switches on it. Anyone 
have any idea what the heck this thing is?? I thought maybe this box 
is the actual "Water Wetter" but after looking on the internet this 
morning, it seems that Water Wetter is a bottle of radiator coolant 
that sells for like $8 a bottle so now I'm really confused. Any ideas 

Michelle B.

85 SVO
87 GT Vert

"When you're at the red-line, no one can hear you scream" -  this logo 
was on the box that I'm asking about, but it's pretty cool, dontcha