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Re: SVO: **911** my freaking clutch cable broke!

>>  Last night about 3am my clutch cable (mot probably that little piece) broke
>>and left me in second gear.  Screw it, I'm getting an adj. clutch
>>cable/quadrant -  whatever you call it.  Now, What is available for the SVO's
>>and what is the absolute best?  If a better product rewuires me to go under
>>to the car to adjust it--I don't care.  Thanks.
>Talk to Monty Abbott before installing the quadrant -- at least the one
>from Classic Corral in Sacramento, which has the adapter for the SVOs -- if
>you pay extra for it, that is.

OK, Here's the deal with Classic Corral's (Sacramento Mustang) Clutch Cable
Kit for the SVO.  IT IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.  To begin with the unit is over
priced, secondly it actually does NOT work with out major modification.
What Ray Edwards and myself ended up doing with these kits are listed below:

1.  You need to scrap the actual cable itself.  The cable that comes with
the kit is binds so badly that as you release the clutch pedal (as slowly
as possible) the clutch eventually catches and the whole car lunges
forward.  Plus the resultant squeaking/noise from the binding cable is just
awful.  We replace this cable with BBK unit designed for the V8 Mustang,
(about an additional $80) then welded on about three more inches of
threaded bar to the end of the cable.  Actually, we cut off 3" then welded
on 6" to make the thread pure where you adjustment bolts go.

2.  You will need to reshape the Clutch Lever (where the cable attaches to
bell housing) to allow a straight cable path from the cable mount at the
front of the bell housing.  If done like Classic Corral suggests, the cable
has to make a 30° (or higher) sharp bend just as is comes out of the cable

3.  While the Lever is off for reshaping, carefully cut off the rolled
edges of the nylon bushing.  Classic's "Cable to Lever Adapter" wasn't
designed long enough to go through the lever as is stands.  Rather than
make a new Adapter, I chose to modify the existing lever.  When you
assemble the Adapter to the Lever, make sure you add several thin nylon
washers to replace the lost nylon bushing.  More specifically, I cut off
the rolled edges on both sides of the lever but kept the part that went
though the Lever, (kept the resultant cylinder washer).

4.  The only part that worked correctly was the replacement Quadrant on top
of the clutch pedal.  However you buy this as part of the BBK replacement
kit for the V8.  In which case you can buy the whole kit from BBK, modify
the cable as mentioned in line one and get a replacement Adapter made
correctly.  I guess I can get the Adapters made up for about $15 to $20
bucks, or pass along my design for it, (not yet made, but easy to do once I
get my mind to it).  This new system should end up costing about what
Classic gets, but without half the head ache and left over parts.

In fact, I might send my design information to BBK and see if they will put
together the whole system.  Also, in all fairness, I haven't brought these
complaints to Classic yet.  I was just disappointed to realize that they
hadn't actually tried one of their own kits and that I was their Guinea
Pig.  By the way, my new system (bastardized as it is) works great...

'86 SVO