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SVO: Road Atlanta

Hey guys,

I went to Atlanta this weekend for an open track event going on at Road
Atlanta. It's called 'Track Days' and is put on by some guys who rent
the track for the day (4 times a year). 3 groups are offered..touring
beginners: 70mph, no helmet, no passing, passengers allowed, in car
instrutor, intermedient: 85mph (yeah right), snell 90 helmet required,
track exp required, passing allowed, no passengers allowed, in car
instrutor. Sport: full or nearly prepped cars, full nomex required, no
speed limit, the 'yeehaw' class. It had alot more requirements than
this...too many to list.

There were only 50-60 cars there (usually 100)..they didn't have enough
instructors to allow more this time...it being Thanksgiving weekend.
Anything from a Prepped Datsun 510, brand new Lotus, vintage Lotus', a
Gremlin with a 400 ci small block, BMW M3s, Miatas, Corvettes, NSX,
Vintage Musclecars, Porsches, Cobras, and SVOs!!!

I was planning on taking the 94 Cobra and race around in the
intermedient class...I blew a head gasget on Wed.(this sucks btw) and
was looking at losing my prepaid money. I decided to pull my 86'
Concours SVO out of winter hybernation and take it. I figured I would
trade with a friend who's stuck in the beginner class (no passing and
limited mph). They wouldn't let us swap ...so, I was there...helmet in
hand and decided "what the hell". 

Then it started raining...I still had the "what the hell" attitude. You
get a 'in car' instrutor that shows you how to navigate the course. I
told him I just wanted to 'get around without wrecking'. Four laps into
the first session a BMW Z3 whiped out in front of me..<yikes>. My
instrutor, who was a 9 time 24hrs @ Daytona driver, says "ok, let's step
it up"..next thing i know we're passing 3 cars at a time, doing 125mph
down the straights, 80mph over a blind hill to a downhill 90deg angle
turn under full throttle (now in fourth gear) IN THE RAIN...on original
Gatorbacks! I passed everyone in my field but one (another SVO..go
figure). Put two guys a full lap down. The course is 2.5 miles long btw.
It won't be like this next year...major construction happening. Not
everyone was having as much fun as me though..1st session ends: 3
wrecks: a new BMW Z3, a Honda, an original 69 Shelby GT-500
(unrestored). He got it the worst. His trunk looked like and accordian.

Second session (The instrutor told me to try it solo)...I line up behind
a Dark Shadow Blue 86' SVO. I got around him by the 3rd lap...but could
never get him off my tail the rest of the session. He was always about
5-10 cars behind me. During this session we (me and the blue 86) again
passed everyone in our group (12 cars total on the track)..and this
included a 96 Saleen S281...and put half the group a lap down..btw, it's
still raining and this (to me) defines: NO FEAR...racing my 86 Concours
Driven SVO like a madman...this is great!!

I skipped the 3rd session (ea. session was 30 minutes long)...and let my
friend have my slot with his SVT Cobra. By that time no one was checking
'group stickers' anymore. He had a blast also.

This was absolutely the most fun I have ever had in a car...racing with
someone else out there, getting professional instruction and driving my
SVO at full tilt. Autocrossing is fun...I love it, but it doesn't even
compare to the speeds and competition that this course offered.

I should be getting the 98' Track Days schedule sometime before the end
of this month(December). I'll pass along the info as soon as I do. I
really suggest giving this a try...even all of you 'drag racers'...you
don't know what you're missing. It's well worth the money...Cost? $100
touring, $150 inter & sport. Includes instrutor & lunch.

Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E