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Re: K&N filters

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, joseph edward morgan wrote:
> I think I finally pushed it over the edge...;)  Not bad...I put it
> together March/April '95 (normal ring/bearing/hone service) and not a
> hint of trouble with it since then...

umm, now don't think Im pickin at ya, but headgaskets arent exactly the
kind of thing the avreage person would gloss over as "no

> Considering that I'm supposed to be "running on the ragged edge"...I'd bet
> that it's lasted longer than any of the various Gurus' creations. 

Who knows, but not really a fiar comparison as the "gurus" are runnin sea
level 14's, prolly in the dead winter.
> I can see it now..."You will recieve much good fortune from your new
> 'Turbo Joe' camshaft...your teeth will be whiter, you will get more chicks
> AND you will have increased torque, horsepower and mileage with no
> increase in turbo lag" 
hehehehheehehhe.......and not to mention that the red goop is the only
break in lube required.  You dont need to lube up with KY Jelly upon


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