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Re: SVO: By-pass valves

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Sly, Dennis wrote:

> A long time ago we were discussing that the Bosch by-pass valve was
> better than the one you can get from spearco. BTW everyone agreed, so no
> arguing. Question is where can I can my hands on this Bosch by-pass
> valve?
Not to make it anymore complicated than its goin to get, but I got a Volvo
bypass from the junkyard on the pinto and it is NICE.  All metal
construction, ~3/4" pipe fittings, and an adjustable spring preload.  I
dont know what they cost new, but it was from a mid 80's intercooled car,
and definately about the nicest factory bypass I have seen.  Most facory
ones are plastic.



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