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Re: SVO: Road Atlanta

On Mon, 1 Dec 97 20:53:27 +0000, you wrote:

>Hey guys,
>I went to Atlanta this weekend for an open track event going on at Road
>Atlanta. It's called 'Track Days' and is put on by some guys who rent
>the track for the day (4 times a year). 3 groups are offered..touring
>beginners: 70mph, no helmet, no passing, passengers allowed, in car
>instrutor, intermedient: 85mph (yeah right), snell 90 helmet required,
>track exp required, passing allowed, no passengers allowed, in car
>instrutor. Sport: full or nearly prepped cars, full nomex required, no
>speed limit, the 'yeehaw' class. It had alot more requirements than
>this...too many to list.

>This was absolutely the most fun I have ever had in a car...racing with
>someone else out there, getting professional instruction and driving my
>SVO at full tilt. Autocrossing is fun...I love it, but it doesn't even
>compare to the speeds and competition that this course offered.
>I should be getting the 98' Track Days schedule sometime before the end
>of this month(December). I'll pass along the info as soon as I do. I
>really suggest giving this a try...even all of you 'drag racers'...you
>don't know what you're missing. It's well worth the money...Cost? $100
>touring, $150 inter & sport. Includes instrutor & lunch.
>Bud Morton
>86 2R
>85 4E

I've been doing this since the mid 80's in the northeast at tracks
like Pocono, Lime Rock, Bridgehampton,Flemington, Ect. Another pretty
neat thing from this is when you watch a race on TV you'll say to
yourself "oh yea I remember that bump before turn 2." or "that driver
forgot to ........ in that turn like I was tought that's why he lost
it" the best is when you watch the in car cam and recall your hot laps
at the same track. After going to these "Track Days" I don't have the
need or desire to go fast on the street anymore. I also go to the 1/4
mile but you only go fast for a few seconds. At a race track I fill up
my tank race all day fill my tank up again race some more and the next
day my shoulders hurt from turning all day.  You can't beat it for
track time. And like you said in your post this is where a good
balanced car (SVO)  and driver shines. Anyone can build and drive a
car to go fast in a straight line but a fast car is just one of many
things that is needed to drive at a circuit track. I've seen lots of
fast cars that can't get good times at the circuit track. And its a
really good feeling when you hit a turn perfect and point (or drift)
your car to the right position for the next turn.
Braking,Turning,Sliding,and accelerating all at the limit and well
above Hi way speeds !
     Anyone who has an SVO and wants to know what this car was design
for should go to one of these events you won't be disappointed.

Floyd Holsinger

90 Buick Riviera
88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
86 GMC 3500 Dually PU
85 Corvette
85 Lincoln Continental
84 Suzuki RM250 
72,73,74,76 Datsun Z's (in process of putting and welding together 1)
1993 Kubota B2150 tractor/loader (got to mow the lawn)