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Re: Best core motor year

> >> 
> >> What is the concensus on the best year motor to get when looking for a
> >> core? My vote is for either the '87-'88 TC for the hardened head and late
> >> manifolds (although the turbo isn't necessarily as desireable as the
> >> Garrett).

I like the mid-'86-on motors, because they have the one-piece oil pan

> >to them going out at about 60k miles........ The IHI turbo is somewhat
> >smaller too- less lag -but the Garrett has a higher top end. I heard once
> >of someone putting the two together though....
> >
> >
> BUZZZZZZ.......WRONG! WRONG!  The T03 is indeed watercooled, back to 84 
> anyway.
> Whats the benifit of the smaller IHI turbo?  Well, it doesn't break your 
> waranteed trans nearly as often...
> >> 

Actually, the Garretts were water-cooled from the factory from
mid-'85...however, when they came in for replacement under warranty, the
dealers were supposed to change them all over to watercooled...there was a
TSB with the list of stuff to do it...you might be able to find it on
AllData, it was in '87 or so.

The IHI is a pretty cool turbo for a stock car...it actually has a bigger
outlet on it and they last a long time...even compared to the w-c
Garretts.  However, even a "dry" Garrett will last just about forever with
regular oil changes and adequate cooldown.