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Re: SVO: Road Atlanta

>CONGRATULATIONS! Floyd, you have now been inducted into CCA(Car Collectors
>Anonymous). We cant count the Kubota but you have certainly made our top ten
>list with the rest. You will be notified as to the date of your first shock
>therapy appiontment within a couple of days.

        Can I get in on the CCA?

`85 LX coupe
`84 Turbo Coupe
`79 Capri RS (for sale on Dave's page)
`86 EXP (street racer)
`76 F250 (plow truck)
`78 Lincoln Mk V Diamond Jubilee Edition
`79 Pinto Wagon (was gonna get 2.3 T)
`79 Chevy C-10 pick-up (hey, it was cheap- and it's for sale)
Custom VW powered "Trike"

 Is that enough?
                                        Bug Bug