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Update on missing @cruise

Well, worked on the car tonight for 2 1/2 hours and wish I hadn't. The
problem was that the engine, when warm, would once in a while start losing
power at cruise/mild acceleration. This would start to happen usually when
I was accelerating slowly around the 5-10 inches of Mercury area. During
this time, if I quit accelerating and just cruise, the car would miss and
start to slowly lose speed. If I let off and pushed the pedal down slowly
again the problem would still be there. If I stepped on it slowly it would
start to build boost (1-2 psi) and nothing would happen. If I push the
accelerator hard enough and far enough it would suddenly snap out of it
and take off like crazy. I had a code 41 in the continuous memory (O2
read lean for more than 15 seconds while in closed loop).

Tonight I swapped the TPS (0.95v) and O2 with known good ones, and bumped
the timing from 8 to 11 base. Started up the car and took off. The problem
was still there! Ahhh! And since I messed with the TPS, the stinkin thing
doesn't even idle that great now (at least it should settle down after a
while). I really don't think it is something electrical anymore, and I am
going to start in on the fuel system. I have a feeling it's a plugged
filter or a FPR. 

Any tips or suggestions welcome.