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Re: dist wrench

> Joe, 
> I have to ask you (and everyone else), what in the ^*@$ (fill in the
> blank) do you use for a distributor wrench on the Pinto? I have the oil
> dipstick mounted in the front and it's a total pain in the &%# (fill in
> again) to tighten/loosen it. There has to be a way to get at it from the
> top with something...I'm tired of this 17mm combo wrech deal from the
> side ;^)


What alternator bracket do you have?  I use the Ranger non-PS stuff
(mounts high), so it's a really easy shot to reach with a 17MM wrench.

If you have the Pinto stuff, it's a bitch...I used to just buy a cheap
socket and gring the upper edge on a bench grinder, so that it would fit
next to the distributor -- then leave it there -- then I could just use a
long 3/8" extension on it when I needed to.

Talk to you later,