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Re: Non SVO Question - 2.3 Turbo Question

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From: TrboLX I4 <TrboLXI4@aol.com>
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Date: Friday, December 12, 1997 12:24 AM
Subject: Non SVO Question - 2.3 Turbo Question

The tach needle even swings a few thousand RPM when
>doing this but the car won't start. When the engine decides to turn over
>pretty random. The only thing I can tell you is that after a very long sit
>car with usually start up. Oh, none of the pulley's move when doing this
>                >-Corey- (Corey, not Cory ;D)

So Dave said he wanted to hear from all of us.  HI  Dave ! I really wish I
had more knowledge on this damn Car/Motor!  I have owned lotsa cars and
trucks Ford, Chevy, Dodge etc...   I feel all the big 3 had some winners and
some losers. I can't say Any one of them made only "cool" cars :>)  Theres
my two cents on that.  As for Corey's  problem I'm watching reading and
trying to find "something" I can contribute to on the list... So I think I
can help here as I'm reading but After reading the whole thing I ask myself
a simple question ... Where does the tach get its signal from? I assume the
distributor?  So how can the the tach swing a little and the pulleys not
move? This is why "I" sit and read and ask a lotta questions but don't
answer any.  I dont feel
ed u ma cated   enuff  on this motor!   I was thinking a vapor lock b4 I got
to that part?
P.S. I worked on F-14's for 10 years you'd think this would be childs play
83 Mustang GT Turbo
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"Site in work " Needs alot of it too...