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Re: SVO: Road Atlanta

In a message dated 97-12-01 21:27:29 EST, BugBug@net-thing.net writes:

         Can I get in on the CCA?
 `85 LX coupe
 `84 Turbo Coupe
 `79 Capri RS (for sale on Dave's page)
 `86 EXP (street racer)
 `76 F250 (plow truck)
 `78 Lincoln Mk V Diamond Jubilee Edition
 `79 Pinto Wagon (was gonna get 2.3 T)
 `79 Chevy C-10 pick-up (hey, it was cheap- and it's for sale)
 Custom VW powered "Trike"
  Is that enough?
                                         Bug Bug
We have another member!!  Remember folks, the first step to recovery is
admitting you have a problem! Actually we dont call it a problem, just an
reason to aquire more cars. Yes chris that is enough, Since most of your
vehicles are ford powered we will keep the voltage on the low side for your
therapy.(over 6 cars requires mandatory shock therapy). the twitch goes away
about 3 hours after your first session.

Paul  (I'm not only the president of CCA, I'm also a client)

86 SVO
88 LX
84 GT conv.
79 GT conv.
87 LSC-R
85 Turbo coupe
78 Ford Van (parts hauler/tow van)
65 Fastback (in pieces)
79 coupe (someone please buy this, its real cheap)
85 Turbo coupe (parting out, already half apart)
83 GT (parting out, this also half apart)
Alright this is hard for me but as part of my therapy I must admit it, I also
have 2 GM products but soon to only be one, forgive me.
84 GMC van ( its sold just not picked up yet, honest) (old work related
90 Chevrolet 1 ton van (new work related vehicle)