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RE: SVO: Road Atlanta

Yeah, us too...

85 SVO
87 GT Vert
64 Falcon Sprint
65 Falcon Futura
71 Slammed VW Bug
6?? VW Bug, highly modified
66 Ford Fairlane
VW Trike (Hey BugBug, maybe we should start a club!)
Jr Dragster on the way

Here's our nomination for the Texas Chapter :-)


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Sent:	Monday, December 01, 1997 8:22 PM
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>CONGRATULATIONS! Floyd, you have now been inducted into CCA(Car Collectors
>Anonymous). We cant count the Kubota but you have certainly made our top ten
>list with the rest. You will be notified as to the date of your first shock
>therapy appiontment within a couple of days.

        Can I get in on the CCA?

`85 LX coupe
`84 Turbo Coupe
`79 Capri RS (for sale on Dave's page)
`86 EXP (street racer)
`76 F250 (plow truck)
`78 Lincoln Mk V Diamond Jubilee Edition
`79 Pinto Wagon (was gonna get 2.3 T)
`79 Chevy C-10 pick-up (hey, it was cheap- and it's for sale)
Custom VW powered "Trike"

 Is that enough?
                                        Bug Bug