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SVO: Essingler cams

Just wondering if anybody out there has any experience with the Essingler
roller cams. I've had one for a little over a year now, along with a ported
and polished head, combustion chambers, and bowls. I also have the larger

I've heard alot of talk about the Engle cams, but I saw the recent dyno
graph postings and was very disappointed. Until now I kind of regretted not
get an Engle. Granted the Essingler will cost an arm and a leg, but you get
everything...grind for bigger valves and you have a brand new head.

Hopefully the first part of this summer I will have some dyno results to
give everyone. But the seat of the pants dyno says that the Essingler
delivers alot more than the Engle. 

Just my two cents, later, jon.