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Re: Update on missing @cruise

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:

> Tonight I swapped the TPS (0.95v) and O2 with known good ones, and bumped
> the timing from 8 to 11 base. Started up the car and took off. The problem
> was still there! Ahhh! And since I messed with the TPS, the stinkin thing
> doesn't even idle that great now (at least it should settle down after a
> while). I really don't think it is something electrical anymore, and I am
> going to start in on the fuel system. I have a feeling it's a plugged
> filter or a FPR. 
Whats the fuel pressure? tisk tisk tisk..thought you would have gotten a
gauge by now:)  All you need is a oil pressure gauge.
I just talked to that guy Jim in El Paso las nite.  hes the guy who is
gutting the pinto out(Joe should remember him).   He was tellin me he was
having a problem where the car would go good, then die out.. Then hje had
a fuel pump die. then another, and another.  he puuled the tank and the
pickup tube was missing the strainer, which let all the shit in and it was
eating his pumps...


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