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Re: SVO: Tail Lights

In a message dated 97-12-02 10:43:50 EST, DSly@NesbittBurns.com writes:

 This may be not be new, but did anyone notice that the 1993 cobra in
 Dec. MM&FF (pg. 148) has the same taillights as our SVO's. Is this
 84 SVO, Silver
Yes Dennis, the 93 cobra taillights are SVO lights(PN# starts with E5ZZ)
although most cobra owners are irritated when this fact is brought up, they
like to think they are unique to their car only. Ford went back to the old
hopper when building this car and recycled them. In fact one of the svo
taillights (dont remember if it was right or left) was obsolete until the 93
came out.

Paul  (CCA Pres.)
86 Svo
plus the rest of the herd.