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Prototype of New Roller made first run..and Re: SVO: Essingler cams

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Jon Frecks wrote:

> I've heard alot of talk about the Engle cams, but I saw the recent dyno
> graph postings and was very disappointed. Until now I kind of regretted not
> get an Engle. Granted the Essingler will cost an arm and a leg, but you get
> everything...grind for bigger valves and you have a brand new head.
not like there would be a point to using it with stock valves.

> Hopefully the first part of this summer I will have some dyno results to
> give everyone. But the seat of the pants dyno says that the Essingler
> delivers alot more than the Engle. 
Funny thing is, we all expected the Engle to make some good numbers on the
dyno, becuase it seemed everyone was very impressed with it.

Also, some of you may have heard about Joe Morgan and his efforts with Web
Cam in developing a roller that actually works in the 2.3.  A cam designed
for 2.3 turbo people from a 2.3 turbo person.  Well, he ran the car for
the first time last weekend, and managed a 11.33@112.   It looks to be a
super cam for a mild-fast street car, because of its awesome power from
But Joe was sayin before he went to the track that he didnt think it would
work as well on his Pinto as it would on most cars because he runs his
motor up to 7200.  The lack of top end hurt, but on a car witha  factory
revlimiter the cam would scream.
Joes putting the cam either in his SVO or SVOized Ranger, and is going to
start working on the full on race cam that will pull at the top end.  
If your in the market for a roller cam, I think it would be in your
interest to hold off a bit and see what comes of this.  
The Web Cam Rollers are hoping to be available also for less than the
Esslinger cam, at ~$300 if I remember correctly.  


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