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Re: SVO: Part Numbers???

In a message dated 97-12-02 13:49:43 EST, smh9814@unix.tamu.edu writes:

<< Does anyone know the part numbers for the following:
 		85.5-86 headlight back plates/adjustment rings    Obsolete
 		85.5-86 headlight lenses  dont have it at my fingertips but will look it
up and post later unless someone beats me to it.
 		85.5-86 rubber headlight insulator/trim ring (goes around 
 			the lens)  I believe obsolete
 		85.5-86 metal clips that hold the insulator to the lens   ? dont know
 	I need both driver's and passenger's side PNs.
 85&86 SVOs
86 Svo red
+ the rest of the herd