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Re: SVO: RE: Petition to join the CCA...

> I have two cars a 85 SVO and an 86 Xr4ti and I think I'm pushing my own
> personal limit. Would I qualify for the treatment program?????????

Well, as a founding father....
I'll think I'll pass judgement here. :)

Jeff, you're really gonna need a spare engine or two to impress anybody
here, with your feigned affliction.  Motorcycles don't count, we're
stretching it with the trikes.  Can you believe we have 2 on the list?  If
you could show proof of buying up the remaining stock of pistons rings, or
driving 500 miles to pick up a spare late model engine, maybe that would
qualify you.  In the meantime, we can send you the last 6 months of the
"Want Ad" magazine from the mid Atlantic region, this should speed up the
process of alienating your neighbors.  If that doesn't help, then I can
videtape the local auction and send it to you. :)

For 4 2.3 powered cars,
For 1 5.0 powered car
For 2 fox chassis cars
1 spare complete low mileage 2.3 turbo engine
1 spare used up 5.0 engine
1 spare 2.3 block
1 spare 2.3 turbo head
3 spare 2.3 turbos
1 spare 2.3 intake and fuelie setup
2 spare sets of 5.0 heads and intakes
3 spare sets of 5.0 headers
2 spare sets of SVO class brakes, not pads, the whole deal.
2 spare rear ends
3 extra sets of tires and wheels, all stock,
2 extra sets of struts, completely worn out for drag racing...
3 T-5s of various vintages...
several exhaust systems laying around in the yard...

I'll entertain offers of adoption.

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