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Re: SVO: Petition to join the CCA...

In a message dated 97-12-02 14:29:53 EST, gmorrell@ford.com writes:

 I'd like to apply for CCA help:
 85 SVO, stock, mint, 42,000 miles.
 89 Taurus SHO, highly modified track car.
 97 Contour SE, soon to be a 98 Contour SE, company car.
 96 Mercury Tracer LTS (the wife's).
 The SHO and SVO are kept in a 14' X 30', custom built, high ceiling garage
 a Cytech 4-post, 7000 pound lift. (this alone should get me into the CCA, my
 neighbors think I'm stinkin' looney...)
 Gary Morrell
Gary, welcome. yes we can help you, owning your own lift is in itself a sign
that you are afflicted with the car collecting syndrome. ask your neighbors
how looney you are the next time they ask you if they can use it or if you
could check out something on their car for them using that lift. Your name
has been recorded in the CCA roster. Thankyou for coming forward, we know it
takes a lot of courage.

Paul (CCA President) I'm not just the president, I'm also a client!
86 SVO
+ the rest of the herd.