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RE: Race SVO's & Original ads?

	There are pics from the Nelson Ledges race in the Oct `83 R&T
No? As I remember the car in the ad looks a lot like mine now  :-(   
	I don't have the issue here with me, but it's which ever one had
the SVO on the cover.

	Jim, you know that issue inside out, eh? Am I correct?

	Oh...my next project..... I'd like to collect all the original 1
page advertisements for the `84 SVO. Anybody have a clue as to how many
there were. They were mostly text and very conservative ads. I have two
of them. one is in the above mentioned issue and the other came from a
vendor at a car show.

	I've got one of the ads and the above R&T cover scanned for my
future web site. If anyone wants to put then up now let me know and I'll
mail them over. 

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> Race,
> I believe Neil Chirico can expand on this, but 1982 or so there was a
> white
> prototype (basically SVO drivetrain, no cosmetics) that ran at Nelson
> Ledges. I believe it was driven by a team that included John Dinkel of
> Road
> & Track.
> And as Neil mentioned before, there was a 1984 Comp Prep (possibly the
> only
> "official" 1984 Comp. Prep. car) made for the MAC Tools racing team.
> These are the only factory SVOs I know about. Anyone else with info?
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