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Re: SVO: Tail Lights

In a message dated 97-12-02 15:32:25 EST, tschwartz@ecrc.cr.usgs.gov writes:

 OH?, I find just the opposite is true.  The Cobra crowd I
 hang with understands and very much appreciates the
 similarities between the SVO and the 93 SVT Cobra (which is
 more rare than the three year run of the SVOs)  - and are
 very proud of it. >>
I will agree with you on that to an extent, the ones I refer to are what I
like to call (and this ofcoarse does not apply to all) Trophy whores. They
are the uppity owners who look down on anything but their own car and really
throw a fit if they dont get a trophy at a car show.

(CCA President)
86 Svo + the rest of the herd