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Re: SVO: RE: Petition to join the CCA...

In a message dated 97-12-02 16:31:12 EST, DCompton@JNPCS.COM writes:

 For 4 2.3 powered cars,
 For 1 5.0 powered car
 For 2 fox chassis cars
 1 spare complete low mileage 2.3 turbo engine
 1 spare used up 5.0 engine
 1 spare 2.3 block
 1 spare 2.3 turbo head
 3 spare 2.3 turbos
 1 spare 2.3 intake and fuelie setup
 2 spare sets of 5.0 heads and intakes
 3 spare sets of 5.0 headers
 2 spare sets of SVO class brakes, not pads, the whole deal.
 2 spare rear ends
 3 extra sets of tires and wheels, all stock,
 2 extra sets of struts, completely worn out for drag racing...
 3 T-5s of various vintages...
 several exhaust systems laying around in the yard...
 I'll entertain offers of adoption.
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Hey Dave, Does SANFORD AND SON ring any bells with you! (Like I should be
talking anyway, You dont even want me to write my parts list)

Paul (CCA President)