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Re: SVO: RE: Petition to join the CCA...

In a message dated 97-12-02 16:31:12 EST, DCompton@JNPCS.COM writes:

 For 4 2.3 powered cars,
 For 1 5.0 powered car
 For 2 fox chassis cars
 1 spare complete low mileage 2.3 turbo engine
 1 spare used up 5.0 engine
 1 spare 2.3 block
 1 spare 2.3 turbo head
 3 spare 2.3 turbos
 1 spare 2.3 intake and fuelie setup
 2 spare sets of 5.0 heads and intakes
 3 spare sets of 5.0 headers
 2 spare sets of SVO class brakes, not pads, the whole deal.
 2 spare rear ends
 3 extra sets of tires and wheels, all stock,
 2 extra sets of struts, completely worn out for drag racing...
 3 T-5s of various vintages...
 several exhaust systems laying around in the yard...
 I'll entertain offers of adoption.
Mike Ray came up with an idea that makes sense, He said that in order to be a
member you must have at least enough parts lying around to build a car at any
given time. Well, I am going to use that but twist it a little bit. For those
that fit this category, We have the PLATINUM CCA membership because those who
qualify under this guideline are truly and possibly hopplessly afflicted( I
must admit, I could probably build 4 to 5 cars at will and at any given time
with all the parts that I have collected-Mike can verify this later this

Paul (CCA President) and Platinum member.
off the top of my head I believe that Lee Clary also qualifies for this as