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Re: SVO: RE: Petition to join the CCA...

Hey, I think I qualify for the club.  


All three cars are mine.  
There all modified (A lot)
My neighbors don't talk to me anymore
1.5 spare TC motors
1 space 8.8 Rear
All local yards know me by name
90 Grand Am had nitrous till the head cracked
SVO now owns the nitrous kit
Complete set of Helms manuals
Grandfathers 79 Malibu Wagon with 305 HO motor
All vehicles except wagon have won IASCA events
Still have the 500 car magazines I've purchased since 1982
Tim Allen is my idle
Never miss Carslisle or Englishtown

I'd also like to nominate Scott into the club.  He makes me look like a beginner.

Ron L.