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SVO: Clutch cable woes part 2

  Well it was actually a clutch link that broke on Sat. night and today I got
the part from the dealer.  Upon installation I ran into a problem, when I
attach either the upper end or lower end of the "links" to the connecting arm
onthe side of the tranny, it seems the main cable isn;t long enough to allow
the lower link or upper link to alingn properly so I can fit in the pin.  I
tried pulling on the clutch lever i order to maybe adjust itself or give me
more slack, but no dice.....plus the clutch lever sits really high off the
floor.  Tried a little pulling here and there, but that just resulted in
cussing.  What am I doing wrong here? Is my cable f*@ked?  Any help would be
appreciated it....thanks.

'86 SVO