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SVO: Burning oil

My car has been burning oil for a while and for quite some time I thought
that I just needed to do a valve grind and while I was at it I would have
the turbo rebuilt (hasn't been touched in 10 years).  But the more I think
about it the more I believe that the valve guides are fine but it is the
turbo.  Here are the symptoms:
	1.  When the car is started up it burns a little oil.
	2.  During hard acceleration it burns oil.
	3.  Once the car is warm it doesn't burn oil unless it idles for about
	4.  During freeway driving very little to no oil is burned (e.g. The car
burns 	     	     ~1qt. of oil (city driving) every 250 miles, but on the
freeway I can go for                                                    	  
  ~600miles without needing to add oil).
	5.  It seems like the more I use the turbo the more oil I burn.

Its that last symptom that leads me to believe that it is just the turbo
that needs to be rebuilt.  The engine has been meticulously maintained, oil
changed at least every 3000 miles, all work done by FLM dealers with
original parts.

Opinions would be greatly appreciated.