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Re: SVO: Clutch cable woes part 2

 Upon installation I ran into a problem, when I
>attach either the upper end or lower end of the "links" to the connecting arm
>onthe side of the tranny, it seems the main cable isn;t long enough to allow
>the lower link or upper link to alingn properly so I can fit in the pin.  I
>tried pulling on the clutch lever i order to maybe adjust itself or give me
>more slack, but no dice.....

        Go under the car and pull on the cable end while you have a freind
pull up on the clutch cable.  This will release the tensioner and give you
enough slack to wrap the cable around the driveshaft.  Ok, maybe not THAT
much, but enough.  Then after getting the cables in place, lift up the pedal
again and it will "adjust" itself (and I use that term loosely).  Good luck.
                                                Bug Bug