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Re: Race SVO's -- Roush and Current Ford Involvement

At 09:25 PM 12/2/97 -0500, Chris Costanzo wrote:
>>These are the only factory SVOs I know about. Anyone else with info?
>        Roush Racing had 2 "Quasi-SVO" Mustangs back in `82 or `83.  They
>were the radical prepped Turbo 2.3's and they were stuffed into Stangs.
>These were to test the feasibility of the 2.3L being a "Performance" engine.
>  Guess what, they proved it!
>                                                Bug Bug

Neat! Never heard that!

Remember that Roush is still involved in many different aspects of design
with Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE) -- the engineering arm of Special
Vehicle Operations that develops some of the Motorsport/SVO line of parts
as well as works with Special Vehicle Team (SVT) on their line of cars and

And don't forget that Roush "prepared" the new fleet of SVT Cobras that are
now at the Bondurant school (to replace the tired GTs) -- I say "prepared"
because they did somewhere in the neighborhood of $26,000 of modifications
on each of the 50-some cars in the fleet. (Can you say Ford sponsorship?)

Jim Dvorak
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