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Re: SVO: RE: Petition to join the CCA...

>Mike Ray came up with an idea that makes sense, He said that in order to be a
>member you must have at least enough parts lying around to build a car at any
>given time. Well, I am going to use that but twist it a little bit. For those
>that fit this category, We have the PLATINUM CCA membership because those who
>qualify under this guideline are truly and possibly hopplessly afflicted( I
>must admit, I could probably build 4 to 5 cars at will and at any given time
>with all the parts that I have collected-Mike can verify this later this

        Well, I must qualify for the DIAMOND membership (platinum ain't
enough for me).  My parts fill a 3 bay garage, my `79 Pinto AND my `85 LX
are BOTH built from spare parts,  I have MEMBERSHIP cards to 3 junkyards,
and my `76 F250 sits in front of my house with the bed overflowing with
parts.  Hell, I have a spare Merk head and some struts for my EXP sitting on
the front seat of it.  My neighbors run like hell when I come out!  What
does this get me?

                                        Bug Bug

BTW- I will be purchasing a nuclear generator to supply enough juice for my
shock therapy :)