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Re: SVO: Burning oil

> Remove the corrugated hose that's connecting the air box to the turbo --
> there should be just a little bit of "blowby" oil in there -- maybe like
> teaspoon -- or the surface just a little wet. That should be reasonably
> normal. If it's more like a tablespoon you could have a problem. (Not
> scientific am I? Let the other guys give you input on this.)

As long as you aren't a scientist its ok. =)

I am glad you brought this up because I forgot to mention it, there is oil
in the tube to the throttlebody, oil can even be seen on the throttlebody
itself (cleaned it this last weekend)

> My other suggestions are as follows:
> When the valve seals (not the guides) are old, they can crack and this is
> the most common cause of oil burning upon startup. It's a hard rubber (or
> rubber-like material) and they are like a bottle cap. They get old and
> and brittle and crack and chip. Usually if this is the only problem,
> only see a blue puff of smoke (or in extreme cases, a cloud) upon
> Rough guess, but I think I could safely say that it should be expected
> most guys would need theirs replaced every 4 years or 48,000 miles or so
> to 6 years or 72,000 miles.

This is a possibility... my car is 13 years old and has 106,000 miles on it
and has never had the valves worked on.

> When the oil pan gasket is old (hard, brittle, etc.), and especially
> boost conditions (or hard accelleration) you can lose oil and it will
> start burning wherever it hits anything hot, like the CAT.

Not sure if this is a possibility but I will crawl under the car this
weekend and take a look-see.