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Re: SVO: Part Numbers???

At 11:21 AM 12/2/97 -0600, Samuel M. Hanks wrote:
>	Does anyone know the part numbers for the following:
>		85.5-86 headlight back plates/adjustment rings
>		85.5-86 headlight lenses
>		85.5-86 rubber headlight insulator/trim ring (goes around 
>			the lens)
>		85.5-86 metal clips that hold the insulator to the lens
>	I need both driver's and passenger's side PNs.
>85&86 SVOs


The part numbers are in order as you requested; right and left,
respectively (I think):

Ring, Adjusting - E5ZZ-13118-A; E5ZZ-13119-A (Long Obsolete)

Lens - E5ZZ-13007-A; E5ZZ-13007-B (Ford or L/M, about $50 or less)

Rubber headlight trim thingy (available only as part of the lamp assembly) 
	- E5ZZ-13008-A; E5ZZ-13008-B ($425? from Tim Smith)

Retainer, Bulb - E6FZ-13N019-B (Ford or L/M, about $4.50 or less)