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Re: SVO: Nick's only true street roller cam!

Scott.....  man relax....
You've stated this like umm alot of times. What are you repeating it for? I
have no problem with all this stuff over Nicks cam
Almost everyone has made their feelings known. It will either work or it
won't right?  Don't take this personal because You
have the right to say it as far as I feel about it.  But the facts are
stated EVERYONE knows you and Joe are trying to call
Nick on this.  Dave and Chris are gonna try it right? So the cards are on
the table lets just wait and see. You can tell by now
Nick isn't gonna get into it on the list.  It will either work or it won't.
Proof is in the pudding right?

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Date: Tuesday, December 16, 1997 10:22 PM
Subject: Re: SVO: Nick's only true street roller cam!

>On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:
>> No it is you and a few others that do not understand. Our roller camshaft
>> is a true bolt in.
>Do you own a calculator?
> .611
>What does that give you????????????????????
>How can you deny this?  Quit beating around the bush....For once, your not
>foolin anybody...
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