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Re: SVO: Re: Essingler cams

Do not have a good selection, you are right for one big reason. We are the
only people that make a  2.3 EFI turbo roller camshaft for the street that
works great. 328 hp @ 5850, 331 ft lbs of torque @ 3200, with only 17 lbs of
boost and pump gas. Take a look at the specs and see why ours works. Both ETS
and Fords roller camshaft have the same design flaw, Too much exhaust duration
and overlap. If you want to make big power ont the street you need alot of
valve lift and a little exhaust duration. 


ps- if anyone would like a email copy of our 2.3 EFI Turbo catalog please let
me know
Modern Performance, Inc.
72 Oceanport Avenue
West Long Branch, NJ  07764
732-222-3679 / e-mail: mp23cc@aol.com


After years of research, building and racing, Modern Performance has developed the "Hottest" camshaft on the market for the 2.3 EFI Turbo street motor.  What this cam will do, can not be matched or duplicated by any other camshaft.  It will give you a glass smooth idle, instant throttle response, unbelievable low end torque, a very broad power band and phenomenal top end power.   Dyno tests have proven the kit to develop up to 331* ft/lbs of neck snapping torque @ 3200rpms and over 330* white knuckled horse power @ 5850rpms (with only 17 lbs of boost).  *Dyno results achieved with additional modifications.

Our camshafts are ground from solid steel billet, not cheap modular design cam or worse yet, a hardened Gray iron camshaft core.  Our camshafts are ground on the very latest CNC camshaft grinder, to tolerances closer than the OEM. No other camshaft that you can buy or have manufactured can duplicate the performance of our camshaft.  It will not make more low end torque, make more top end horse power, have a broader power band or will it idle as smoothly, never wear out due to its low friction roller design.

Camshaft specifications:

Valve lift
Intake Lift
Exhaust Lift
Duration @ .050
Intake Lobe
Exhaust Lobe
Lobe Center    111

Roller Camshaft Kit components:
* 1- Modern Performance hydraulic roller camshaft
* 8- Roller camshaft followers (rockers)
* 8- Hydraulic lash adjusters (lifters)
* 8- Chromoly valve spring retainers
* 8- Performance valve springs
* 16- Harden valve keepers
* 8- Harden lash caps
* 8- High temperature valve stem seals
* 1- Bottle of camshaft break-in lube

Cost: $680.00
Camshaft alone may be purchased separately for $385.00.

If you have any questions regarding this kit or any of our other upgrades, please don't hesitate in contacting us.

Thank you

Nick Mannarino