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SVO: roller cam?

Do not have a good selection, you are right for one big reason. We are
only people that make a  2.3 EFI turbo roller camshaft for the street
works great. 328 hp @ 5850, 331 ft lbs of torque @ 3200, with only 17 lbs
boost and pump gas. Take a look at the specs and see why ours works. Both
and Fords roller camshaft have the same design flaw, Too much exhaust
and overlap. If you want to make big power ont the street you need alot
valve lift and a little exhaust duration. 

But who in their right mind would pay $650 or so bucks for a camshaft? 
its i piece of Steel. I could be wrong but  anything would be better then
a $600 dollor cam.