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Re: 2.3 turbo stuff

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Chris Roth wrote:

> Hey Joe,
> So I saw the posts on your cam that was built.  When will it be 
> available to buy and will the SVO roller rockers from my A237 kit 
> work? I am going to put together a motor for the 86 over the winter.


The roller rockers are all the same...

The one I have in the Pinto now is "Version 1.0"...I don't really like it
for my car...too much mid-range, not enough up top...I want to try and
stick it in either the truck or the SVO and run them at the track to see
what they do.  If my hunch is right, the truck would rip with that
cam...even that big-ass turbo on the Pinto doesn't seem so bad...the
stocker on the truck would probably make full boost on the line...;)

Basically, the first one was more of an engineering exercise than
anything, just to see if we could get the mechanical stuff right.  It
works well that way, but the grind isn't what I want -- yet.  Getting the
base circle and the lobe type right is the tough part...only a couple of
places actually make their own...because it's a pain in the ass.  That's
why I think Nick just buys his from some production house -- he doesn't
have either the knowledge or the equipment necessary to make his own... 

Are you on Cory's list?  I think it's up to 45 people or so...

Talk to you soon,