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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #37

I have a 84 TC that gets oil in the VAM and under the air filter, but
only about a teaspoon in the hose after the turbo, and none in the
throttle body. I ran the engine with the hose off to see if any oil was
coming out of the turbo and none came out.  The only thing that I can
figure out is that I getting the oil from the crankcase vent in the top
of the valve cover, I don't have a comp gauge to check the compression
have to rent one. Also found that the EEC was bad along with the O2
sensor and Temp Sensor, havn't gotten them out yet, the O2 Sensor needs
some pentertaing oil to get it out, and a socket to get the temp sensor
out.  Help please it has 140k on it. Also how rear is a 84 TC with wing
windows, sunroof, T5, premium sound, sport seats, 15inch 10 hole rims,
and monochrome paint and
do I qualify for CCA ?                                                 
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Scott Horne aka Kacowboy