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Re: SVO: Burning oil

 The early valve stem seals (original) had a high failure rate, the newer
designs are much improved.If you have never replaced them I would check
into it.
At 04:28 PM 12/2/97 -0800, Andy Haydock wrote:
>My car has been burning oil for a while and for quite some time I thought
>that I just needed to do a valve grind and while I was at it I would have
>the turbo rebuilt (hasn't been touched in 10 years).  But the more I think
>about it the more I believe that the valve guides are fine but it is the
>turbo.  Here are the symptoms:
>	1.  When the car is started up it burns a little oil.
>	2.  During hard acceleration it burns oil.
>	3.  Once the car is warm it doesn't burn oil unless it idles for about
>	4.  During freeway driving very little to no oil is burned (e.g. The car
>burns 	     	     ~1qt. of oil (city driving) every 250 miles, but on the
>freeway I can go for                                                    	  
>  ~600miles without needing to add oil).
>	5.  It seems like the more I use the turbo the more oil I burn.
>Its that last symptom that leads me to believe that it is just the turbo
>that needs to be rebuilt.  The engine has been meticulously maintained, oil
>changed at least every 3000 miles, all work done by FLM dealers with
>original parts.
>Opinions would be greatly appreciated.