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Re: SVO: RE: Petition to join the CCA...

I think I qualify as a charter member...

I must admit that I do not own more than one body shell but that is
simply because of current lack of storage.  When I was still living with
Mom and "stole" my first parts car for a few dollars I started
dismantling it.  I was warned a few times by the local paper pushers at
the town hall that I had to remove the vehicle "or else."  

I had the nehibors convinvced that I was building a race car out of it
and they didn't have any complaints.  Seeinga as how the town say
unkindly og storage of my parts stash in the backyard (which was visable
from the side street) I had to catalog my inventory in the two car
garage along with a 90 Toyota Corolla, and a 94 Yamaha FZR 600.  

Now being in an apartment I have no space to start collecting again but
hopefully that will change within the next 12 months.

I've haven't made any purchases at the local salvage yards in the past
few months but I know of the inventory of EVERY goldmine yard in western
NY.  If I only had the space and the $$.  It's been really hard to pass
up a few good collection additions lately but I think I may be
overcoming my affiliction. NO! PLEASE HELP I NEED MORE CARS!

Then their's my nehibor in this apartment complex:
93 Ford SuperDuty flatbed towtruck
94 Dodge Viper
76 Chevy Corvette
80 Winnebego
95 Chevy dualie crew cab pickup
83 Trans Am
88 Thunderbird

I got some infotmation about a lift for a garage in the future, so Gary
you're not alone.  My nehibor just bought a house with a 2.5 car garage
with a 10' door and an 8' door with a matching door on the other side to
allow for drive thru access to the backyard storage lot!

I'll be helping him install his lift soon...I think we may be able to
start a CCA group in Rochester.  We'll meet in Rick's garage :)

May the boost be with you,