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Need help selecting a turbo

I am,Dennis, new to the list got the address from Scott Schidel. I am
currently building up parts for my 84 SVO, turning it into a 1/4
strip/street car. I don't have any intension of running Nitrous. I want
to make this thing as quick as possible without using NOS, First. In the
first stage I would like to go over 300HP, which should be no problem in
the second stage, I'm going to see what I can get 400HP?.

Things done:

1: NGK plugs
2. 8mm wires
3: manually adjust boost
4. K&N 6" conical
5. Engel 55H cam

Things to do:

6. 3" exhaust front to back (parts on order)
7. Big Valve Cylinder Head
8. Ported intake 
9. tubular header (ATR header, I think)
10. Mass Air
11. New Turbo??
12. 8.8 rear, 4.10 gears (need help here too)

# 1. From Modern Performance 

There's the plan, any comments are welcome. The most expensive piece to
buy is the turbo and I am trying to avoid buying two ( I live in Canada
and the exchange is killer 1.42 ouch!). 

Here's two I have been considering:

#1 From Modern Performance.

E-82, Stage 2 Turbo upgrade:
Minimum modifications required; porting and polishing of cylinder head,
intake and exhaust manifolds, 3" downpipe mandatory, mandatory high flow
3" CAT, mandatory big valve head. Near stock turbo response when used
with a larger throttle body, strongly recommended. Will require a fuel
system upgrade along with a intercooler upgrade. Minimum intercooler
recommended 500cfm. Works well up to 340hp.
T3/T4 famlily, T4 compressor wheel assembled with a high technology,
extremely efficient compressor housing, Stage 1 turbine wheel and .48
exhaust housing, 480cfm flow rating at 82% efficiency.

Cost. $890 + $100 core deposit with a 12 month warranty

# 2 From Turbonetics.

T04E 57 Trim compressor , Stage III driver, .48 Exhaust housing, ball
bearing center.

$636.00 for the Turbo
$466.00 for the Ball bearing upgrade

$1113.00 Total 

Both of these recommendations have .48 exhaust housing to help spool up,
but does that end up restricting flow to much. Should I go to .63?

Any help would be appreciated,
84 SVO, Silver