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RE: modern performance

I guess that explains the price of the turbo being $890+$100 core charge
and the one from turbonetics being $636 before you had the ballbearing

84 SVO, Silver

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>I had nick e-mail me his turbo 2.3 parts catalog last night because I 
>figured maybe he would have a few "deals", and if nothing else It would be 
>a good laugh. A good laugh it was! I can not believe the $$$ he wants for 
>some of that stuff he has in the catalog. About half of the stuff cost 
>more than I paid for my '84 SVO! I can't imagine that anyone willing to 
>pay that much for speed parts isn't already driving at least a Porche.  
>Nick also spends a lot of time quoting dyno's runs "with a few other 
>mod's"- what does that mean? Oh Well, I guess that is why I am on this list;)
>BTW, if anyone wants to see his catalog, I will mail it to yah.
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