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Re: Need help selecting a turbo

I am by no means an expert here on this list, but I am another guy with 
an '84 svo looking to do the same basic things You are. I don't know what 
kind of a budget you are on (I'm a Student, along with most of the other 
guy on this list), but I do have some suggestions.
	First of all, make sure that you are using motorcraft plug wires,   
general consences is that they are the BEST under the high temps of the 
engine compartment 
	All of the other things that you have already done are very 
logical. On your To-Do list you state that you want an ATR header. Unless 
you have a lot of money to blow(and you may) I would look into just 
porting a 87-88 TC exhaust manifold, the performance gain will be slightly 
less, but the cost will be drasticly less(about 1/3). You also will not 
have the even higher temp under the hood, which will make your I/C much 
less productive at the starting line unless you put a blower motor on it, 
or front mount it(better choice).  
	Also look closer at the mass air conversion. I know that it seems 
logical and it is very important in 5.0 applications, but is yet unproven 
on the 2.3T. You may notice that both Joe(running 10's) and scott(will be 
running 12's if he ever goes to the strip again;) ) on this list both do not 
use th mass air conversion, even Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords "Tiny Avenger" 
returned to the stock speed density for the 2nd and 3rd episode!
Be very leary of paying big bucks for this conversion until it is proven.
	I also noticed that you left out the InterCooler. This is an 
important step in power(especially on an SVO). The high resistance to 
airflow and inefficeincy even compared to a TC I/C make it an easy, cheap, 
and important replacement  
	As far as the 8.8 rear, I think that you can get one off of a 
lincoln Mark 7 and it should bolt right in, that is where the  disk brake 
rearend originally came from, and when lincoln went to the 8.8 I think it 
was a direct replacement. I can check on this with my lincoln racing friend.
	Now on the turbo thing, I will leave that up to the other guys on the 
list, I haven't looked into that too closely myself yet. 
	You may notice that this list consists of the Cheap guys, trying 
to do the most with the least, and doing a great job at it:) And always 
remember that in the 1320, loosing weight is as important as gaining HP.

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Sly, Dennis wrote:

> 1: NGK plugs
> 2. 8mm wires
> 3: manually adjust boost
> 4. K&N 6" conical
> 5. Engel 55H cam
> Things to do:
> 6. 3" exhaust front to back (parts on order)
> 7. Big Valve Cylinder Head
> 8. Ported intake 
> 9. tubular header (ATR header, I think)
> 10. Mass Air
> 11. New Turbo??
> 12. 8.8 rear, 4.10 gears (need help here too)

	Matt Carlson	
	84 SVO Mustang
	"Knowledge is HorsePower"