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RE: Need help selecting a turbo

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>From:	Matt R Carlson [SMTP:macarlso@plains.NoDak.edu]
>Sent:	Wednesday, December 03, 1997 1:28 PM
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>Subject:	Re: Need help selecting a turbo
>I am by no means an expert here on this list, but I am another guy with 
>an '84 svo looking to do the same basic things You are. I don't know what 
>kind of a budget you are on (I'm a Student, along with most of the other 
>guy on this list), but I do have some suggestions.
>[Sly, Dennis]  I am trying not to let money be an issue. I work full time and
>this is my 
>Hobby, so I would like to get the best, even if it means saving and waiting
>to get the right piece.
>	First of all, make sure that you are using motorcraft plug wires,   
>general consences is that they are the BEST under the high temps of the 
>engine compartment 
>[Sly, Dennis]  Done.
>	All of the other things that you have already done are very 
>logical. On your To-Do list you state that you want an ATR header. Unless 
>you have a lot of money to blow(and you may) I would look into just 
>porting a 87-88 TC exhaust manifold, the performance gain will be slightly 
>less, but the cost will be drasticly less(about 1/3).
>[Sly, Dennis]  see above and  question is, is it the right thing to do, buy
>the header or port the 87/88 exhaust manifold.
> You also will not 
>have the even higher temp under the hood, which will make your I/C much 
>less productive at the starting line unless you put a blower motor on it, 
>or front mount it(better choice).
>[Sly, Dennis]  I think the one from spearco is the best.
>	Also look closer at the mass air conversion. I know that it seems 
>logical and it is very important in 5.0 applications, but is yet unproven 
>on the 2.3T. You may notice that both Joe(running 10's) and scott(will be 
>running 12's if he ever goes to the strip again;) ) on this list both do not 
>use th mass air conversion, even Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords "Tiny Avenger"
>returned to the stock speed density for the 2nd and 3rd episode!
>Be very leary of paying big bucks for this conversion until it is proven.
>[Sly, Dennis]  This is one other place I need clearification. The mass air
>will allow me to run larger
>injectors without having to change the computer, say 36 then 42. The mass air
>unit is adjustble. Someone tell me if this is not a good way to go or if
>there is another way.
>	I also noticed that you left out the InterCooler. This is an 
>important step in power(especially on an SVO). The high resistance to 
>airflow and inefficeincy even compared to a TC I/C make it an easy, cheap, 
>and important replacement [Sly, Dennis]  .see above.
>	As far as the 8.8 rear, I think that you can get one off of a 
>lincoln Mark 7 and it should bolt right in, that is where the  disk brake 
>rearend originally came from, and when lincoln went to the 8.8 I think it 
>was a direct replacement. I can check on this with my lincoln racing friend.
>[Sly, Dennis]  This is great, thanks, and please let me know.
>Now on the turbo thing, I will leave that up to the other guys on the 
>list, I haven't looked into that too closely myself yet. 
>	You may notice that this list consists of the Cheap guys, trying 
>to do the most with the least, and doing a great job at it:) And always 
>remember that in the 1320, loosing weight is as important as gaining HP.
>On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Sly, Dennis wrote:
>> 1: NGK plugs
>> 2. 8mm wires
>> 3: manually adjust boost
>> 4. K&N 6" conical
>> 5. Engel 55H cam
>> Things to do:
>> 6. 3" exhaust front to back (parts on order)
>> 7. Big Valve Cylinder Head
>> 8. Ported intake 
>> 9. tubular header (ATR header, I think)
>> 10. Mass Air
>> 11. New Turbo??
>> 12. 8.8 rear, 4.10 gears (need help here too)
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