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Re: Need help selecting a turbo

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Sly, Dennis wrote:

> Things done:
> 1: NGK plugs

Ditch them. Why pay extra for exotic plugs when the stock ones work really
well? Try Motorcraft AWSF32C gapped at ~.035.

> 2. 8mm wires

If you have any missing problems (or tach bouncing under load :) replace
with Motorcraft (not Motorsport) wires. 

> 3: manually adjust boost
> 4. K&N 6" conical
> 5. Engel 55H cam
> Things to do:
> 6. 3" exhaust front to back (parts on order)
> 7. Big Valve Cylinder Head

You may not need the bigger valves, but I don't have much knowledge on
that issue.

> 8. Ported intake 

Just don't gut the upper plenum :) If you must, I have one to sell for

> 9. tubular header (ATR header, I think)

You may want to try the stock '87-'88 TC manifold. It's cheap and readily

> 10. Mass Air

Don't get Scott started :) I wouldn't suggest it. Use your money on things
you know will work.

> 11. New Turbo??

Why not leave the stock one on for now? I wouldn't worry a heck of a lot
about the .63 turbo right now.

> 12. 8.8 rear, 4.10 gears (need help here too)

You can probably get an axle out of a Mark VII or a later TC, but I
suspect the width will be 1 inch wider than your present axle (no biggy,
if you can live with the rear stance). 

> # 1. From Modern Performance 

When you decide to get a bigger turbo, look into other common OEM turbos
for starters. Scott Shidel found a nice big T04 from a Navistar Diesel
for cheap ($40?). 

Hope this helps,