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Re: Need help selecting a turbo

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:
> Just don't gut the upper plenum :) If you must, I have one to sell for
> cheap!

He does, I've seen it... and he lives in ND so he isn't as far away as 
some, where are you dennis?

> > 12. 8.8 rear, 4.10 gears (need help here too)
> You can probably get an axle out of a Mark VII or a later TC, but I
> suspect the width will be 1 inch wider than your present axle (no biggy,
> if you can live with the rear stance). 

THe SVO already has  a wider rear axle than a plain (everything else is 
plain to me;) ) mustang, so I think that is will be the same

like I said, we are all cheap here ;)

	Matt Carlson	
	84 SVO Mustang
	"Knowledge is HorsePower"