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RE: Need help selecting a turbo

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>Sent:	Wednesday, December 03, 1997 2:15 PM
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>Subject:	Re: Need help selecting a turbo
>On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:
>> Just don't gut the upper plenum :) If you must, I have one to sell for
>> cheap!
> > He does, I've seen it... and he lives in ND so he isn't as far away as 
>some, where are you dennis?
>I live in Toronto, Canada. Good day, eh! . You guys talk about money all the
>parts have to come from the U.S. and the exchange now is about 1.42 CDN to
>1.00 US.
>So $100.00 U.S. equals $142.00 CDN. 
84 SVO, Silver