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RE: Need help selecting a turbo

I have seen what joe has done. He uses a T3/T4 Hybrid with .82  exhasut
housing. I believe the reason he can get away with .82 is because he
uses NOS. It's almost the same turbo that I am looking at except the
stage three driver and the exhaust side is smaller .48 or .63 exhaust
housing. The smaller housing will help the turbo spool up faster but
will cost you flow ( we know that clean flow or less resistant means
HP). If I go with .63 ( more flow) how much lag will I have vs .48. (BTW
the stock T03 exhuast is .48) and will the Stage three driver help that?

84 SVO, Silver

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>hey dennis, 
>	you might want to check out Scotts web page if you haven't 
>already to see what joe did to get into the 10's
>Its at http://www.eng.usf.edu/~shidel/ 
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