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Re: SVO: Firewall adjustable clutch kit and quadrant

Well my reply is a little late since I just got back in town, but I just got
a Fortes adjustable quadrant for my 95 GT (I haven't installed it yet), and
Fortes is having an Internet special.  
$59.95 for the adjustable quadrant (I lost where I wrote down the prices,
but I'm pretty sure it was ~$60, and not ~$70, someone correct me if I'm wrong)
plus I got a new clutch cable for the 95 and that was either $29.00 or $39.00.

I haven't put it in yet, but most people seem to like it.  The kit is really
simple, the aluminum quadrant, and a 2 piece threaded firewall insert.
Really doesn't feel like 60 bucks worth of parts, but if they work I'm happy.

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